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The Latest News

November 11

We at TRCC would like to send a giant THANK YOU to every single veteran who has served for this great country of ours.

Up and Coming Events


  • Vettes for Vets Parade (Waynesburg, Sat 11/5, 9:00)
  • Board Meeting (Wed, 11/2 7:30, South Park CH)
  • Club Meeting (Wed, 11/9 7:30, South Park CH)




  • Holiday Party (Sat, 1/7, 5:00, Peters Place, Bridgeville)
  • Club Meeting (Elections) (Wed, 1/11, 7:30, South Park CH)
  • Board Meeting (Wed, 1/18 7:30, South Park CH)

    Fun Links to See

    2018 C7 ZR1 Caught Testing in Co.
    (Some bleeped out language - you know how it is with excited men!)

    Genovations' Electric Corvette - Only $750k - Goes 200-mph

  • Welcome To Our Club

    Established in Pittsburgh, PA in 1980, our club consists of a family of over 80 Corvettes and 150 owners and enthusiasts. Our mission is to encourage companionship and fellowship among our members through planned trips, events, and social activities, as well as providing and regulating events and exhibitions of Corvettes owned by our members. This club is not only for Corvette owners, but for enthusiasts as well.

    Membership Application
    (Updated for 2017)

    3 Rivers Corvette Club Facebook page

    Donna Mae Mims' NCM Induction Video