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The Latest News

August 10

The club meeting tonight (sundaes in the park) has been CANCELED due to widely scattered but heavy rain.
But have no fear! We will have the sundaes on Sunday for the family picnic instead!

Up and Coming Events

  • Board Meeting (Wed, 8/3 7:30, South Park CH)
  • Club Meeting (Wed, 8/10 7:30, Grant's Grove)CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
  • Family Picnic (Sun, 8/14, Cook School Park, Bridgeville PA)


  • Donna Mae Mims Induction (8/31-9/5, National Corvette Museum)
  • Board Meeting (Wed, 9/7 7:30, South Park CH)
  • Corvette Alliance (Sun, 9/11, Lancaster, OH)
  • Club Meeting (Wed, 9/14, TBD)

    Fun Links to See

    Recognize this car? You should!
    It's Her Serene Pinkness's very own Sprite! Want to see what happened to it after she passed? Check out the Sotheby's auction from back in January!

  • Welcome To Our Club

    Established in Pittsburgh, PA in 1980, our club consists of a family of over 80 Corvettes and 150 owners and enthusiasts. Our mission is to encourage companionship and fellowship among our members through planned trips, events, and social activities, as well as providing and regulating events and exhibitions of Corvettes owned by our members. This club is not only for Corvette owners, but for enthusiasts as well.

    Membership Application

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